New Communities to Benefit from Main Street Saskatchewan

Main Street Saskatchewan Program


Released on November 17, 2014

The Government of Saskatchewan has accepted 11 new communities into its Main Street Saskatchewan program, a program designed to revitalize historic downtowns through a combination of government and private investments.

The cities of Swift Current and Melfort have been accepted at the accredited level and will receive access to all Main Street services.

Nine communities have been accepted at the affiliate level and will receive limited access to program services. They include:

  • Town of Spiritwood
  • City of Regina
  • Town of Watrous
  • Town of Kerrobert
  • Town of Nipawin
  • City of Humboldt
  • City of Moose Jaw
  • Town of Shellbrook
  • Town of Langenburg

“Our government is pleased to welcome these new communities into the Main Street Saskatchewan program,” Parks, Culture and Sport Minister Mark Docherty said.  “Historic downtowns and commercial districts are important to our growing province.  They support tourism, cultural and economic development and allow us to experience Saskatchewan’s unique architectural history.  Saskatchewan’s historic areas enrich the lives of locals and visitors alike, and participation in the Main Street Saskatchewan program is a great way to ensure that these areas are utilized to their full potential.”

“The City of Melfort is pleased to have been accepted as an accredited Main Street Saskatchewan community,” City of Melfort Director of Community Services Teri Scaife said.  “This program will provide us with the tools needed to encourage economic revitalization in our downtown core by using heritage conservation methods.  It will help us capitalize on our unique assets, enhance our quality of life and further grow our vibrant hub of commercial and cultural accomplishments.”

“The City of Swift Current is honoured to be selected as a new member of Main Street Saskatchewan,” Swift Current Museum Director and Main Street Swift Current Director Lloyd Begley said.  “The recent celebrations surrounding our city’s Centennial in 2014, combined with several active heritage restoration projects already in progress, has re-ignited our community’s interest in its heritage.  We are excited and look forward to working with the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport, other community members within the program, and of course our community stakeholders to restore and revitalize Swift Current’s Heritage District.  Our involvement with Main Street Saskatchewan will help us continue to tell and celebrate our own unique story.”

Main Street Saskatchewan features a two-tiered model of community participation which includes an accredited and affiliate level.  Through the application process, accredited communities demonstrate both the readiness and capacity to proceed with their Main Street projects and are now eligible to receive all benefits and services offered through the program, including a one-time $25,000 matching grant to support the work plans.

Up to two accredited communities may be selected per year via a competitive process.  An unlimited number of communities may be accepted at the affiliate level, which signals a community’s readying to implement a Main Street Saskatchewan plan and includes the Main Street Capacity Building Grant to assist with this planning.

Main Street Saskatchewan is an on-going, community-driven program that works to revitalize historic downtowns and commercial districts.  It combines community organization, economic restructuring, heritage conservation and design, marketing and promotion to conserve and capitalize on the unique strengths and assets of Saskatchewan communities.  Since its launch in 2011, Main Street Saskatchewan has seen 66 new jobs created, 22 new businesses opened, $4.9 million committed to historic building and streetscape improvement and $6.5 million in property acquisitions in its participating communities.

To learn more about Main Street Saskatchewan, please visit

For more information, contact:

Amanda Clark
Parks, Culture and Sport
Phone: 306-787-6880
Cell: 306-550-5927


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